A photo-documentary archive of the underground electronic music dance floor in New York City.

Queer punk girl portrait — Sublimate NYC 


Chuubie's nightlife photography reflects Brooklyn's burgeoning House, Techno, and Tech-house underground music scene, including short blips to capture Burning Man. As resident photographer for underground house label SUBLIMATE NYC, DJs and producers captured include: Mood II Swing, Marcellus Pittman, Kai Alce, Soichi Terada, Ben UFO, Joy Orbison, Hunee, Mike Servito, Turtle Bugg, and Sagotsky. As resident for tech-house brand ebb+flow, artists captured include: Justin Marchacos, Tara Brooks, Tim Green, and Clarian.

As a creative contributor, Chuubie worked on the JT Almon & Michael Magnan’s Fruits and Vegetables (FNV) – a queer rave, and Ladyfag’s queer music festival LadyLand.