Living for the silliest moments on the dance floor in the company of unforgettable people. 



Chuubie has photographed house staples for Sagotsky & Turtle Bugg’s NYC underground house party brand SUBLIMATE including Mood II Swing, Marcellus Pittman, Kai Alce, Soichi Terada, Ben UFO, and Joy Orbison, as well as staple DJs in NYC's queer techno scene, and tech house artists under the ebb+flow party brand including Justin Marchacos, Tara Brooks, Tim Green, Clarian, and more.

Chuubie has also been fortunate to be a creative contributor on JT Almon & Michael Magnan’s queer rave FNV (Fruits and Vegetables), and Ladyfag’s queer+GNC music festival LadyLand.