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Team Chuubie characters: Aroooghoula, No Dumpling, I-sia-wine Glass

Meet the super kawaii characters of Team Chuubie

No Dumpling is a dumpling that keeps getting itself into precarious trouble.

Aroooghoula is the salad ghost. But is Aroooghoula just around till o'Hallows Eve, or here to stay? That may be up to your fan responses!

Isia Wineglass is the celebutante. Well, she's also a wine mom. Don't look at what's in her minivan!

I Sia Wine Glass (optical illusion)

Is it wine? or is it Sia? Get white for the max invisible tone-on-tone look. Also avail in black and grey (most visible). ✓ FREE DELIVERY and Returns possible on eligible purchases

I Love You So Matcha

The ultimate kawaii tshirt for foodies who love Matcha! Crisp typography, and features the signature Team Chuubie smile emoji. ✓ FREE DELIVERY and Returns possible on eligible purchases

Women's No Dumpling - Pocket Diving Edition Small Royal Blue

Ultra kawaii shirt for foodie and dumpling lovers: a swimming pool in your shirt pocket just for your little friend! Careful No Dumpling! Don't fall into the sauce!

No Dumpling (NO DUMPING)

Team Chuubie Dumpling Lovers T-shirt. Front side with NO DUMPLING. Back side features the Team Chuubie logo and the missing dumpling in question! Where's the dipping sauce?!


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