An Underground Techno Kween's reflections on Burning Man 2017

Nobody explained—Black Rock City is literally the size of Manhattan-south-of-central-park. It's a true city, culturally, which has the diversity and complexities of experiences and worlds and crowds you can dive in an out of, going unnoticed, and connecting when you wish. 

The true jewel of both these cities is not in what you can latch onto (New York is not it's landmarks), but that they are rich in the intangible moments that come the deeper you dive into their folds.



Gettin’ such a kick outta watching this lol! (I also totally lovvved revolving doors as a kid) ❤️🌈



Literally dying 🤣 of ridiculousness @ 1:00 into this video clip. Only at the Elvis Wedding Chapel in BRC y’all!! #lordthavemercy


The Kiki at Crack is Whack V! The Whitney Houston tribute at Burning Man ✌️😂🌈 #ImEveryWoman


The exodus ride out of the burn is the biggest, most ridiculous mystery reveal of all—as we all friend each other on apps after an entire week of connecting to each other first under some of the most physically, mentally, and spiritually challenging conditions of desert life.

In this city, for one week you live as who you choose to be, not who you became.

This journey is your clearest barometer for how much further you have until you are home with your existence—where who you choose to be and who you currently are are in the same place. And as it is designed to lead you toward who you really are and who you truly commune with, the greeting here goes: “Welcome home.” #burningman



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If everything was taken care of for you (because you planned accordingly for your core needs, and everything your community provides is icing on the cake), it would be as if we didn't have to spend our lives constantly stressing to fill up lack and scarcity–like, so many of our conversations are centered around not having enough. If for one week you didn't have to play that rat race with your life, what would you then do? who would you choose to be?



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